Cotton Gallery

Your #1 source for screen print T-shirts, custom jerseys, embroidery & monogrammed clothing in Marion, IA!

Searching for custom screen printed T-shirts, jerseys or embroidered clothing around Cedar Rapids? The Cotton Gallery in Marion, IA has everything you are looking for, and more. With a wide selection of shirt colors, embroidery thread colors, and screen print options, the possibilities are endless.

Here at Cotton Gallery, you can choose from 100% customizable options and create great looking apparel with the help of our design team. No the matter the size of you project, we have the experience and talent to provide a high-quality product. We have experience working with small sector companies in Cedar Rapids as well as doing screen print t-shirts for big box stores in Marion and Cedar Rapids, IA.

Custom embroidery and monogrammed clothing require detailed custom work by a professional to create the high-quality design you are looking for. Cotton Gallery's experts in the Grand Rapids area, have the ability to make your design come alive. Custom embroidery and monogrammed clothing make great gifts for someone special or an entire company. No matter the size of your monogrammed clothing or custom embroidery order, we have the staff to handle it.

Call or stop by our Marion, IA, location today to get your quote for custom textiles.